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Thanksgiving Outfits for warm weather

Off Shoulder Boho Chic

My personal choice for this year's Thanksgiving dinner. I love that it's loose and comfortable so I can stuff my face as much as I want. You can dress it up or down with heels or flats and even wear the sleeves up if you want a more conservative look.

Emerald twist strapless

I love the simplicity of this dress. It's made thin enough to wear comfortably in warm weather and has a flattering A-line cut. Extra points for showing off your tan in November!

Halter Goddess

This dress is so comfortable! It has a liner so it's a bit thicker than the last dress which makes it perfect for day to night transition - especially now that the sun sets so early! - I am 5'2 and this dress just barely hits the floor.

Gold Status

Comfortable and stylish. I love the smocked top so there is plenty of stretch room for enjoying the Thanksgiving spread.


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