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Al Salam Mediterranean

I love Mediterranean food so I was really excited to try Al Salam Mediterranean in Plantation, FL. The first thing I noticed was the lovely seasoning. Lots of bright spices and herbs. Cinnamon was prominent across all the dishes which gave everything a subtle sweet and well-rounded flavor.

We started with the AL SALAM MIXED APPETIZER. The falafels were kind of minty which I found rather pleasant 🧆 The babaganoush 🍆 was on the smoky side. Everything else was really good, I really enjoyed the Musakkah especially as a leftover.

LAMB CHOPS - So tender, so tasty, beautifully charred. It’s served with rice and salad. We were served half spicy and half yellow rice. The spicy rice >> it had golden raisins and wasn’t too spicy. I could eat buckets of it! 🍚

GRILLED SHRIMP KABAB - Perfectly cooked shrimp, tender, juicy, and beautifully seasoned 🦐 The shrimp was pretty sizable too! All of their dishes offered very large portions.

GARLIC POTATOES - TONS of garlic and herbs 🌿🧄 Nicely roasted yet meaty on the inside.

DESSERTS - My favorite dessert was the LADY FINGERS, they were flaky and had a lovely walnut and cashew flavor 🥜 We also tried Burma, which was filled with pistachio rosewater paste, lots of floral notes. Namoura had a spongy base and was topped with sweet glazed nuts.

TURKISH COFFEE: I expected it to be thicker and more pungent - especially compared to a Colada or a super-rich Italian Espresso - but it had a lovely medium consistency and a rich flavor. I finished the whole pot as you can see in the picture! - and was absolutely wired for the rest of the day 😜

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